Our services are as follows.

Recruitment Consulting

At Linkin we have perfected the whole lifecycle of the recruitment process. Our team of experienced professionals have brainstormed and leveraged their considerable recruitment industry expertise to come out with an innovative and effective recruitment strategy. We strive to surpass our client expectations and be up to date with the current industry needs and trends.

We follow a systematic and time tested approach to get you the right candidates. Our trademark process includes the following stages

Outlining the Need

For us needs analysis is not just a one step process. It’s paramount that the candidate(s) entire spectrum of needs is clear and detailed. Your requirements are our drivers. This helps us to ensure that time and effort do not go waste. Also it helps us zero into the right candidate(s) for you in the least possible time. We take care that we are in sync with your hiring, financial and strategic goals.

Background Check

We don't take a chance with the quality of our candidates. We check the professional background of potential candidates thoroughly along with candidate references. We have a long and detailed vetting of our candidates which reposes your trust in us. We are committed to a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with you

Skills Evaluation and Fitting into Company Culture

We share your goal of getting the most talented professionals committed to a long-term relationship and are culturally compatible. Our interviewing process is comprehensive and efficient. Our objective is to get the best candidate(s) for you who measure up to job-related challenges no matter how big or complicated it is. We respect the time constraints of both the clients and candidate(s). We concentrate only on those candidates who can meet your financial, strategic and operational goals.


We respect the expectations of both our clients and candidates and work diligently to facilitate amicable decision(s). Of course the negotiations can be tricky and challenging. We are with you and the candidate(s) at every step to ensure a win-win solution. The whole negotiation process is done with utmost professional courtesy taking care of the interest of both the involved parties.


The Linkin team facilitates the candidate(s) smooth transition to your organization. For us clients are valued partners in success and a companion in an enduring relationship. Our deep and comprehensive expertise in the recruitment domain ensures mutual trust and success.

Associated Sectors

  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • BPO And KPO
  • Engineering, Process and Infrastructure
  • Consumer Service and Retail

We are with you every step of the way. At Linkin, we believe that recruiting isn't just about filling open positions in your organization. We understand your aspirations and help you find the right people to transform your business. Armed with information on your exact requirement, we are able to provide you the following solutions:

  • Permanent Hiring
  • Temporary/Contract Hiring
  • Coordinators
  • Promoters/Manpower for promotional Events
  • Internship

Quality recruitment does not just happen, we help you find people who will help your business thrive. Whatever level of assistance you need, we offer services that help you recruit the best talent. Contact us to find out more today.

Back Office Services

We are Your Total Back Office Solution

Enjoy peace of mind and higher business process effectiveness and performance by partnering with us. Rest assured your back office is in safe hands and you can concentrate on your core business areas. Back office support encompasses a wide range of business functions such as recruitment, payroll processing, administration, sales and marketing and many more. It is imperative to entrust your confidential information and business functions to outsourcer(s) known for high quality and superior business integrity.

Haven’t found the right process management team to partner with you?

We provide top notch and competitively priced back office support to our clients. Several firms have been the recipients of unrivaled back office support in terms of performance and integrity. The advantage of outsourcing back office functions to us is that it enables the HR team to concentrate on its core area of human capital management.

Among our comprehensive deliverables are newsletters, workbooks, periodicals, offer releases and more.

Salient Aspects of Linkin’s Back Office Support:

  • We give special treatment to veteran candidates in HR functions such as induction and relocation.
  • Among other services we offer comprehensive and authoritative survey reports on contemporary salary trends, offers acceptance and more.
  • Streamlining and organizing the flow of information on selected candidates.
  • Smooth interaction with and induction of new hires and interns.
  • Assignment of both offshore and onshore dedicated human resources.

We partner with you in every step of outsourced business processes and facilitate smooth operational and strategic functioning. At Linkin we set ourselves extremely challenging yard sticks and pride ourselves on a world class business outsourcing model.

Compliances Services

We Help Companies Remain Compliant

Linkin facilitates the life cycle of a company right from its inception/establishment to every day operations. We possess considerable expertise in labor legislation and company laws. We keep track of any changes in legislation and promptly apprise the company officials of the same. Linkin takes care of all business contingencies and ensures un-interrupted and hassle free business operations.

We will ensure that your company’s:

  • Compliance returns are compiled and submitted correctly
  • Compliance obligations are addressed efficiently

Our repertoire of solutions include the following

  • Registration/Renewal/amendment under Shops and Establishment Act
  • Registration/amendment under CLRA and Professional Tax
  • Preparing and maintaining the prescribed registers on a routine basis
  • Timely submission of annual/half-early/quarterly returns under various Labor Acts
  • Appearing and handling inspections on behalf of the client
  • Liaison with Labor, ESI, EPF and PT authorities
  • Preparation and submission of periodical returns
  • Periodical audits of vendor compliance status
  • Preparation of statutory records, maintain backup centrally
  • Audit of Contractors statutory documents
  • Licenses – new/renewals – amendments
  • Display of Notices
  • Remitting all statutory payments on time
  • Audit of Contractors statutory documents
  • Facilitation at the time of inspections
  • Support in court related matters

The Linkin Advantages

  • Always up to date regarding labor legislation
  • Offer professional legal consultation
  • Take care of the entire statutory compliance

Interview Panelists

It is vital that your firm’s interview process is water tight. After all you are entrusting some part or the whole of your company operations in the selected employee’s hands. No one would like to waste time in interviewing candidates who don’t fit the bill. As part of the recruitment industry for a long time, we understand this fact very well. Hence we offer a unique solution to this problem by leveraging our vastly experienced interview panelists. The members are doyens in different industry verticals and universally respected for their business expertise and ethical behavior.

As a matter of policy and in the interests of maintaining quality all our panelists are internally calibrated at regular intervals. Our panelists are available for both lateral hiring and campus interviews. Get freedom from the drudgery of day to day processing and filtering of candidates. Our panelists will screen and provide suitable candidates and thereby eliminate wastage of time and effort.

Why Us?

  • We offer 100% transparency of the interview process
  • Availability of panelists at short notice
  • Superior quality of interviewing expertise
  • In-house recruitment infrastructure
  • Grooming of potential candidates to meet the mark
  • Detailed feedback report of the screened candidate(s)
  • Sophisticated need analysis consultancy
  • Educating on current industry trends and practice

Partner with us to boost the entire gamut of recruitment operations.

Media Monitoring

We have a gamut of media monitoring services for your benefit. The Linkin team ensures that you are updated with competitor’s activities and contemporary market trends. Media types have evolved from print and electronic media to the Internet and mobile devices. The goal is to capture editorial and advertising content regardless geography and publications.

Offered Media Services

  • Content Development – The Linkin's content development team delivers well researched, elegantly presented and engaging content. Marketing collateral is our core area which will ensure you are a cut above your competitors. Leverage our SEO expertise to rank among the top in generic and specialized search engine results page (SERP).
  • Media Report- This report gives you an accurate depiction of how your company brand, products and services are perceived in disparate media.
  • Media Evaluation- We use a plethora of media evaluation techniques to measure the effectiveness of your media relations presented in a lucid and concise report. The report is comprehensive with an eye to detail.
  • Media Monitoring- Get the right information about how your brand, products and services are perceived by users. We have the expertise to track literature and information in all media domains such as Blogs, Forums, Social Media websites, television and the traditional print media, which refer to your company.

Linkin Training Center

We offer a complete solution for your specific training needs. At the onset we try to understand the culture and values of your enterprise. We possess a team of exceptional and passionate trainers. Our training methodology takes the learner through a systematic step wise approach to holistic training. Linkin trainers are subject to thorough testing in terms of subject matter knowledge and attitude. We believe that a good trainer has certain attributes such as superior interpersonal skills, willingness to be a team player, ability to don a leadership role and an unwavering optimistic outlook.

Our trainers have expertise in a number of training areas such as soft skills, technology, executive coaching and business workshops. Linkin’s unique training methodology understands that each individual is different and so is the company culture. Hence we design a comprehensive and thoroughly vetted program tailormade for the company and its human capital.

Linkin’s training is just not theoretical and academic. It’s a hands on practical training which gives the participants insight into key challenges of the corporate world. These include

  • Soft skills - The ability to build a rapport among team members facilitating high motivation and interpersonal skills.
  • Life skills - Life is unpredictable and full of surprises. To tackle the challenges of your day to day activities you need to be proactive, adaptive and have a positive outlook.
  • People skills - These include crucial business environment skills such as conflict resolution, negotiation skills, decision-making and ability to get along with individuals and co-workers having different backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Social skills - Among other things we train you on both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. We equip you with business etiquette, social manners and grooming tips.

We possess the requisite infrastructure, well researched content, top notch trainers, well honed training processes to deliver world class training tailor-made to your unique and specific skills domain.

Online Assessment Test

It is vital to test the whole spectrum of skills of the candidates who aspire to work in the corporate arena. Linkin has designed and developed reliable, standardized and accurate online assessment tests to fulfill this need. Considerable research and development has been done to formulate, refine and perfect the tests. We have the requisite infrastructure at prime locations all over India to conduct these tests. Among other things the tests give a reliable indicator of both the emotional and intelligent quotients of the prospective candidates. These tests ensure that only the quality candidates stand out while the rest are filtered out.

Benefits of Pre-employment Online Assessment

  • Saving of time and duplicate efforts- We ensure that our client will not be wasting time on unsuitable candidates and be provided with the best fitting talent.
  • Accurate feedback reports – We provide insight into the multiple facets of the candidates skills through our highly accurate and discerning online assessment tests.
  • Decrease attrition rate – These online assessment tests determine long-term compatibility and fitting into company culture. As a result, we get short listed candidates with a higher probability of having long tenures with the employing company.
  • Increased Productivity- Conventional interviews fail to accurately gauge the attitude, adaptability and other intangible personality traits of a candidate. This is where our well calibrated online assessment tests identify the presence of qualities and soft skills in the prospective candidates which result in higher productivity and efficiency on the job.
  • Measure up to challenges- The culture and the work environment differ from company to company. Every day presents a new challenge which needs to be solved using tenacity and out-of-the-box thinking. Our online assessment tests help you to hone on these innate and latent traits.

Leverage our state-of-the-art online assessment tests to pick up exciting and relevant human talent capital.

Payroll Services

Companies are increasingly outsourcing their payroll processing today. Owing to the confidential nature of the data and for the required expertise in labor regulations you need a seasoned team of finance professionals to help you out. Linkin has all the resources to deliver satisfactory and tangible results to our clients.

Entrusting third party firms with your payroll domain is not just a simple question of technical prowess. Linkin specializes in the domain of payroll outsourcing and is the preferred and trusted outsourcing partner for several top notch companies. Our track record testifies to our unassailable financial expertise and adherence to professional business ethics.

The Linkin Advantage

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing payroll processing to our expert team.

  • We deliver flawless results within the stipulated timeframe.
  • The latest technologies are leveraged to ensure confidentiality of the data along with anytime anywhere access to real-time reports.
  • All in all you will reap considerable savings of time and money while adhering to the existing labor regulations of the land.

What We Offer

  • Induction of CRM - CRM tools are used for enhancing and improving customer support.
  • Salary disbursement support - This is a critical area where you will benefit from our expertise.
  • Professional consultation on compensation structuring – Each and every salary component is given the right and fair value.
  • Customize payroll process as per your need – We adapt to and understand your unique needs.
  • Support for compliance with present labor laws and regulations – Get professional and expert guidance for water-tight payroll processing activities.

Linkin Media

Content Development

We enrich your content with crisp and racy presentation style, a wealth of well-researched information; interesting details, benefits of the products/services and persuasive “call to action”. We carefully study your company, your products and services, their features and benefits and what you want to achieve through your website or web marketing campaigns. We also thoroughly study your target audience, their needs and how your competitors are presenting themselves. Only after that do we develop content that carefully positions your products/services as a cut above the rest, helping you achieve your business objectives and reaching out to your target audience.

And it makes the Internet work for your business! Wondering how to get some great appealing content to for your website? Our team of professional web copywriters will develop for you meticulously researched, well-written, keyword-rich, search engine optimized content that pulls not only your target audience but also the search engine crawlers to your site. We can develop the content for your new website as it takes shape or for an existing website which needs a makeover.

  • Web Content Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Blog writing
  • Blog writing
  • Newsletters
  • E-marketing content
  • Technical Writing
  • Media Report

Our media monitoring service specialises in providing clients with media content, which is of specific interest to them and subject to changing demand. We offer documentation, content, analysis, or editorial opinion, specifically or widely. Our services typically include the systematic recording of radio and television broadcasts, the collection of press clippings from print media publications, the collection of data from online information sources. The material collected usually consists of any media output that makes reference to the client, its activities and/or its designated topics of interests. The monitoring of online consumer sources such as blogs, forums and social networks is more specifically known as buzz monitoring which informs the company of how its service or product is perceived by users.

This would help you gauge your presence in the media and monitor every mention of your company in the media. Be it print – newspapers, magazines, electronic, social media, online media and more. So you'll have your finger on the pulse of your latest coverage. Find out what's being said about you. Monitor your media coverage, with us.

Media evaluation

Most of the times you would wonder if the message you were sending out was misunderstood by the press. Perhaps not reaching out to the right people; whether or not the media campaign was a success?

We would offer evaluation services with an operational background. We would help you cut down the complexities of data to the information which would help you make and control critical business decisions. Using a number of media evaluation techniques we'll measure the effectiveness of your media relations and present the results in an easy-to-read report. Your report will have details of the publications, date, audited circulation and other relevant data.

  • Key Messages
  • Market Impact
  • Tone Analysis
  • PR Impact
  • Analytical Summary

Media Monitoring

Our media monitoring service specialises in providing clients with media content, which is of specific interest to them and subject to changing demand. We offer documentation, content, analysis, or editorial opinion, specifically or widely. Our services typically include the systematic recording of radio and television broadcasts, the collection of press clippings from print media publications, the collection of data from online information sources. The material collected usually consists of any media output that makes reference to the client, its activities and/or its designated topics of interests. The monitoring of online consumer sources such as blogs, forums and social networks is more specifically known as buzz monitoring which informs the company of how its service or product is perceived by users.

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