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A career isn’t what it used to be anymore. With careers being influenced by a number of things such as interest, age and continuing education today, making decisions about your career can be complicated. However, if you have spent time researching different opportunities, you should be able to make a sound decision with relative ease. At Linkin, we believe that your thoughts determine what you will become, career success is a journey and not a destination. That’s why we treat it that way.

Best Career Opportunities from BPO to FMCG

While it’s up to you to actively manage the process of building your career in the area of your choice, Linkin will help you plan and manage your career journey. If you are choosing between several options, we recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

Does the option you choose fit your skills, values and interests?

Will the career path you choose help you develop your skills?

Qualifications and Prerequisites for Careers

Job Profile

Fresher Non Voice

Fresher – Voice

Information Technology





With a basic educational qualification being a degree in any discipline including arts, science or commerce and good communication (oral and written) and listening skills, you’ll be able to find fresher non-voice jobs with relative ease.

With a basic educational qualification being a degree in any discipline including arts, science or commerce and good communication (oral and written) and listening skills, you’ll be able to find fresher voice jobs with relative ease.

Since the job opportunities are immense in the field of Information Technology, qualifications vary based on the role you choose. If you choose networking, you’ll need to obtain a degree in network management, graphic design would require you to work towards a degree in web technologies, etc.

Marketing, business and economic degrees are sought after for anyone entering the field of sales promotion in the FMCG industry.

Students can take up part-time jobs including evening jobs and weekend jobs as a retail assistant.

While pursuing your MBA or any other graduate degree, you can develop and hone a variety of skills with an internship.


Apart from great communication skills, employers seek a typing speed of 30 WPM with 98% accuracy. Not sure about your typing speed?  Take a test here.

A cool temperament, learning aptitude and leadership qualities will also lead you to a Fresher non-voice opportunity.

An excellent command over the English language, knowledge of consumer behavior and marketing skills, patience and confidence – while these traits can assure you a break in the BPO industry, the fresher voice process requires you to have your language and literacy skills evaluated. A number of companies use Versant.

Being tech savvy is irreplaceable in the field of IT, apart from that, project-based IT jobs require organization and attention to detail.  Solid problem solving skills and flexibility in information technologies are required for efficient completion of a task as well.

Apart from the educational qualification, employers seek sales promotion personnel with analytical and creative skills. Persuasion skills are also sought after as is active listening so the sales promotion personnel gives full attention to what the customer says.

While the roles do not require educational qualification, candidates are required to develop skills in customer service, team work and cash handling.

Turn your goals into reality with a great attitude and good communication skills.

Information Technology

Information technology may be the right career option for you if you are keen on working on computer hardware, software, and analyzing and solving computer-related problems. Employment in the sector is projected to grow rapidly over the next decade. Our IT Career Jobs page is dedicated to jobs in the IT sector. Spot the opportunities that you feel suits you well and apply for IT jobs today!


A BPO could be a great place to build your career. There are career opportunities to suit every individual including voice, non voice process and telecallers as well. Business and service lines include finance, retail, technology, manufacturing and healthcare sectors. Make the most of these opportunities, choose BPO or telecalling jobs.


The FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry is highly dynamic and innovative. Working in this industry provides you an opportunity to be a part of one of fastest growing sectors in the country. Serving customers, displaying products, handling promotions, and overseeing deliveries – if these roles delight you, choose from the FMCG jobs we have listed here.

Part Time

Do you believe that a professional job requires you to work 9-5 everyday? Think again. With the wide choice of professional part-time jobs available today, you can work a limited number of hours every week – especially in the retail or hospitality sector. Take a look at the part-time opportunities available here.


Want to learn, grow and prosper in the field you choose? An internship puts you way ahead of others who are applying for a job. The opportunity to learn and grow while being mentored by the best in the business helps you find and pursue dynamic and vital career paths.

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