About Us

The world has become an employment melting pot today. Sourcing, screening, testing, interviewing, background checks, hiring, coordinating offer letters and on-boarding – the hunt for talent has become a hunt for skills, and it takes equally long to hire talent. Today, companies are unable to find and retain skilled workers. Those which are coping with little or no recruiting resources as a result of cutbacks in human resources are considering RPO engagements or programs.

What Does Linkin Offer?

Workforce Solutions to Meet Business Objectives

We focus on finding great talent for your company. We offer our services through a combination of cutting edge ideas, and practical solutions and procedures, which are presented in a clear and unambiguous manner. We provide a scalable and responsive recruitment management solution that you can utilize to decrease the burden on your staff, reduce hiring time and costs and benefit with improved candidate quality. As a thriving and fast-growing technical recruitment agency with offices in heart of the IT capitals of India, Bangalore and Hyderabad, we are able to assure you innovative and flexible RPO solutions. These solutions will scale with you, accelerate hiring, and provide you timely access to the right talent precisely at reduced operating costs.

We pride ourselves in being India’s fastest growing ‘Total Recruitment Solutions’ companies. We take immense pleasure in shaping young India in every possible way. We do not believe in leading alone but in exploring together.

How Does Linkin Assure Improved Sourcing Solutions to Companies?

We help drive innovation and efficiency at a scale and speed never seen before

Our experienced team, consultative approach, usage of sophisticated technology and the vital research and specification phase has shaped our services and solutions. We draw on our extensive recruiting history and proven approach to develop a process that will work to deliver top quality talent for your needs. Our clients have access to our strong and proven logistics and technology infrastructure. This gives them ready-made capabilities to handle very large assignments, and also results in substantial cost and effort savings.

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